As a leading provider of Internet connectivity to businesses and organizations, NasionCom recognizes and understands the Internet-driven challenges many companies face today. To further your company’s business objectives, we can quickly deploy a complete Internet solution, operations and support, offer custom hosting services, and maintain reliable, fast Internet access. We can integrate legacy systems with new Internet applications, thereby protecting your current investment in equipment and technologies. And we can help you keep your company’s information assets private by minimizing Internet-related security risks.

E-mail Programs
The service that lets users exchange messages across a network; the major e-mail technology in use on the Internet is based on SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).

The objective of FTP is to promote sharing of files (computer programs and/or data),FTP also encourages indirect or implicit (via programs) use of remote computers, to shield a user from variations in file storage systems among hosts, and to transfer data reliably and efficiently. FTP, though usable directly by a user at a terminal, is designed mainly for use by programs.

Freeware, Software and demo
The most common software and freeware :


An Internet application that lets users access WWW servers and surf the Net

  • Netscape Navigator
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

An internet application that allows you to make interactive, and real-time chat using the World Wide Web.

  • ICQ
  • ichat
  • MIRC

Software that delivers real time audio over the Internet

Welcome aboard NasionCom. For smooth surfing and e-mail corresponding, we have provided you a comprehensive support manual, from setting up your NasionCom account right down to locating your favourite sites on the world wide web.

Note: Any place on your screen that is underlined is a hyper-text link to another screen with related information to the high-lighted text. Often times pictures can be a link to other sites also. You can tell a picture is a link when your mouse pointer turns from an arrow to a hand.

1. Connecting to NasionCom2. How to surf the internet and utilise the search engine3. E-mail configuration / using4. Modems – configuration / setting5. User information ( username, user password, change of username/password)6. Others Application / Features7. Reinstallation of NasionCom kit8. Frequently Asked Questions

If you require any further help please feel free to give us a call :-
Telephone number : 603 – 7803 7777
Fax number : 603 – 7805 3111

Hot Line Support Hour :
Mon – Fri = 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Sat = 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Before you call, it would be helpful if you could gather the following details:-
1. Your user name, serial number, pin number, IC/Passport number
2. The model, make and speed of your modem
3. A description of the problem and the error message
4. Version of windows you are using

If you ever find yourself lost ( which is quite easy to do )
all you have to do to get back to the NasionCom Home Page is click on the “HOME”, button at the top of your screen.