Hosted Sites

Below are NasionCom’s customers web sites.

64kbps/128kbps ISDN dial-up Access to WWW
1 Internet Login account
1 E-mail Address
Unlimited Access
Instant On-line Registration
Free Browser
12 months subscription of RM 500.00 for 64kbps OR
12 months subscription of RM 700.00 for 128kbps

What is NasionCom VPN Solution?

Network tunnel creation to encrypt (protect) data transmitted between the Host System and authenticated parties.

Purpose & Benefits of NasionCom VPN Solution

to ensure data privacy, integrity and authenticity (secure communication)
to implement centralised management
to provide secure access for remote access (mobile workforce), Intranet (inter-company offices) and Extranet (business partners)
more cost effective compared to direct dial (long-distance dial), or dedicated leased line connecting each branch office to host system