About Us

NasionCom is a fully integrated telecommunications and multimedia solutions provider delivering innovative voice and data services, broadband internet access, interactive entertainment systems and information technology solutions to corporations and home users throughout Malaysia.

NasionCom is a dynamic new player in the Malaysian telecommunication industry, and has rapidly made its presence felt in the area of cost-effective Voice Over Internet Protocol telephony services. NasionCom has earned the reputation as a company which can deliver “speed to market” and reliable broadband connections to corporations. The Company has also distinguished itself as a cutting edge niche player in providing multimedia interactive entertainment systems.

NasionCom – A Seamless Data Network of Technology and Services

NasionCom has been awarded the status as a Network Facilities Provider (NFP) and Network Services Provider (NSP) by The Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission, and is licensed to provide private spectrum wireless 3.5 GHz, 10 GHz, 26 GHz and 28 GHz bands. These licenses enable the Company to provide customers throughout Malaysia a full suite of value-added services such as Internet Protocol Telephony services, broadband internet access services, Managed Internet Protocol – Virtual Private Network ( IP – VPN ) services and info-communication application services.

NasionCom has invested RM 40 million in an Internet Data Center with 10 terabyte capacity at Mid Valley City in Kuala Lumpur. The Internet Data Center utilizes state-of-the-art technologies from Cisco, Compaq, Microsoft, EMC2 and Oracle. The Company has secured telecommunication infrastructural backbone connecting strategic metropolitan areas throughout Malaysia, and has plans to invest RM 300 million over 2002 to 2005 in its first phase of broadband deployment in Malaysia.

NasionCom Products and Services Features

We provide a broad range of products and services to enable companies to leverage on the new trend of merging computer and communication technology for business applications. Our products and services will transcend the operational and marketing capabilities of the twenty-first century businesses using the ubiquitous and cost-effective Internet communication media and Internet-based technology.

Comprehensive, From-Start-To-Finish Range of Products

We emphasize on providing flexible, cost-effective and start-of-the-art but practical solutions that meet customers’s requirements. Products come with a wide range of flexible networking and technical services to give customers end-to-end, one-stop solutions. We ensure quality and successful set up of every system we installed.

NasionCom Personal Internet Service

An off-the-shelf, instantly installable Internet dial-up access service that comes with one e-mail account. Customer purchases from any of the NasionCom appointed dealers a NasionCom CD which enable him to install the browser software and sign-up to the NasionCom Internet access and e-mail service on his own within a few minutes.

NasionCom Team Internet Service

This Internet service is similar to the “instant-online” NasionComPersonal service but allows the customer to sign up a few more e-mail accounts with NasionCom. This service is ideal for a small team of 2-5 members or very small businesses. Team members share a single NasionCom dial-up Internet access account.

NasionCom Office Internet Service

This is a hassle-free and robust Internet service solution for offices that have 5-20 (or more) users but does not have the Internet expertiseto handle the technical deatails. It allows all the users in an office to share an Internet dial-up account, but unlike the other approaches(such as the antiquated UUCP dial-up account) provided by other service provides, it enables all the users on a local-area-network to browse and access the Internet and Web information concurrently. Each of the users has their own private e-mail account with individual e-mail access password.

Customers of NasionCom Office have the choice of using software or hardware based Internet proxy technology to achieve these features.A dedicated Internet server for providing e-mail and Internet access functions is not required, hence the administrative and technical chores associated with the maintenance of an e-mail and Internet server are eliminated, as all the Internet and e-mail services are provided by NasionCom. A single dial-up modem is shared among the users. For higher access speed, ISDN services are used.

The NasionCom Office configuration can be set up on a single PC, several stand alone PC’s, or on a local area network without any hassle and does not require any specialised technical know-how from the customers. We assist in the installation of the network and system. The NasionCom Office comes with up to 4 pages of free homepage and free web page disk space.

Customers may also register their own Internet domain name to reflect their corporate identity on their e-mail accounts, i.e. in the form of [email protected]. NasionCom also provides the”Virtual Server Hosting” service which when used with the dial-up NasionCom Office will make a company’s Internet presence to look big by appearing to have a dedicated high-speed Internet access and server. Your clients will access your homepage by pointing at the URL http://www.yourcompanyname.com.my, instead of the usual, not-so-professional looking http://www.ISPname/yourdirectory as provided by most other ISP’s.

NasionCom Value-Lines Services

These are dedicated leased-line Internet services for companies that allow other Internet users to access to their Internet servers and Internet-based applications and information services all the time. Companies that use NasionCom Value-Lines are those running national-wide or international operations and branch offices, Web-based information and content services,commercial Web-accessed services (such as cyber cafes), electronic commerce Web servers, and intranet applications. As a licensed value-added telecommunication service provider, we work closely with other telcos and carriers to provide the start-to-finish value-added solutions and technical services to implement the Web-based system that progressive companies seek to capitalise on the effectiveness of the Internet as a new business delivery platform. Unlike other ISP’s which tend to provide ‘basic’ Internet access service only and leave the customers with a partial service, NasionCom emphasizes on business-oriented applications and provides companies witht the complete products and services that require no special technical capabilities from the customers to implement Internet-based solutions. There is a widebase of businesses that potentially can use NasionCom services to improve their business processes, and these businesses can be small and medium scale companies that aspire to extend their boundaries by leveraging on our value-added services.

For example a manufacturer of motor vehicle spare parts may decide to subscribe to the NasionCom Value-Lines service and run a computer server that installed with an Internet-based order processing, inventory and ‘electronic billing’ software (also supplied and serviced by NasionCom). This transcend the manufacturer’s order processing and billing capability to a much higher level by allowing its dealers (such as the car workshops and spare parts resellers) to place orders directly to the company by accessing to its Web-based order forms via dial-up Internet access. The dealers get online feedbacks on availability of goods and able to track the status of their orders. The manufacturer has up-to-date picture about the demands of its products and adjust its production process in a more timely manner. Cash flow and credit control will improve through the process of sending invoices and even receiving payments through the Internet-based system.

The NasionCom Value-Lines Internet and intranet services are designed for maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness to meet the requirements of the users. It can be configured with analog, digital, bandwidth-on-demand(or dial-up) and combination of these telecommunication lines. NasionCom Value-Lines usually provides bandwidth of 28.8/33.6kbps,2×28.8, 64kbps to 2Mbps – the typical range of most business applications will need. Customers can always rely on us to provide the responsive services and reliable solutions.

The NasionCom Value-Lines service comes with a pre-configured router, so that the customer will not need to worry about router installation. Modems are also provided for the case of analog lines. The customer just needs to connect the router to his local area network (hub). Our service includes providing technical advice on the configuration and installation of the customers’ local area network, the Internet server and firewall. We aim to make the entire system work for our customers.

NasionCom operates a comprehensive set of automated network management tools to ensure our customers’ network is working reliably. Customers will get a dependable network service, and will even be provided with up-to-date information of their network status and usage.

NasionCom ISDN Virtual Leased-Line

NasionCom ISDN Virtual Leased-Line service is a breakthrough solution for companies who want to have the quality and performance of a digital leased-line but at a lower operating cost and better flexibility. The service allows businesses to set up their own Internet e-mail and Web server at a lower costs and a more flexible initial entry cost then a fixed leased-line setup. For businesses who do not actually need to be connected to the Internet or intranet every second of the day, this service will help them to save connection cost without sacrificing any of the advantages and functions of a dedicated leased-line.

It works on a “dial-back” basis, that is traffic heading from the Internet or remote users to your server will trigger an ISDN dial-up from the NasionCom node to your server. The dialback process is entirely automatic and optimized. It will keep call charges to a minimum, and at the same time, the time delay to establish a connection is minimal. This creates a true two-way communication for Internet and intranet services, just as an expensive leased-line provides. This is an “on-demand”, true “virtual” leased-line service that will meet your Internet and Intranet connection needs at a widely acceptable cost.

Internet Domain Name Registration Service

An Internet domain name is usually a company name or trademark name. (It is highly advisable for companies to register their business and trademark names as Internet domain names as commercial usage of the Internet is expected to be widespread). We assist customers to register their Internet domain name with the relevant bodies and proceed to host the domain name if the customers do not have the required Internet servers.

Web Page Hosting Service and Virtual Server Hosting Service

Disk space is allocated on our Internet servers for NasionCom users’ Web pages.This enables other Internet users to access to our customers homepages and other Web pages in the fastest possible speed. When a NasionCom Office customer also signs up the Virtual Server Hosting Service, the customer will get the advantage of having a professional Internet presence as if he is running a high-speed dedicated Internet access leased line and server.

Intranet Solutions and Services

NasionCom Value-Lines and the other High-Tech ASP supplied Web-based business applications provide the complete package for companies to set up their corporate intranets. Intranets are company-wide internal networks that are built on Internet technology. The advantage of setting up internet technology-based company-wide network as compared to having a proprietary network is that the company can choose to ‘open’ and extend some of its services and business applications to their customers and business associates who will access to the services via the borderless public Internet. We provide state-of-the-art network security solutions such as firewall software and smartcard based Internet access security device to ensure the secure and controlledaccess of a corporate Intranet from the public Internet.

Our total intranet service package includes : the planning and design of the intranet, the supply of Internet or Frame-relay routers and network equipment (such as modems), working with telcos for the installation and commissioning of the communication lines, providing application software and security solution, and the on-going technical support and network management service.

Network Management Services

We operate 24-hour network management service to ensure customers of NasionCom services obtain the most reliable and effective network services possible. This includes providing customers with up-to-date information on network status and usage, and statistics to assist customers in network capacity planning. Our routers comes with network management features that we exploit to manage the customers’ networks.

Technical and Support Services

Our strengths extend further than just providing basic Internet access or communication line services. Our emphasis is on value-added products and services such as providing customers with complete consulting and implementation services on Internet and intranet planning, design and set up. We develop business applications that customers can deploy as the value-added services to their Internet network or intranet. We have extensive experience, expertise and software solutions on online transaction processing and database applications which we apply to our technical assistance extended to our customers. Our customers too can deploy real-world and robust data processing applications via the Internet and intranet and exploit the real benefits of network computing for their businesses.

Other Business-critical Solutions and Services

We provide other business-critical solutions such as Web-based business application software, electronice fund transfer (EFT) switching software which interfaces to automated teller machines, point-of-sales devices and card-based payment systems. We had installed EFT and Internet home banking solution to local financial institutions. We represent and support the complete EFT and Internet home banking solutions from SLM Software Inc. of Canada. These electronic payment solutions form the core for electronic commerce applications. Unlike other service providers and hardware vendors,our business is already involved the actual implementation of Internet-based, secured payment systems. We see ourselves as having the best value-added solutions for Internet or intranet/VPN business-critical applications and services that can transcend our cutomers’ business to exploit the newly emerged networked world.

SLM Software Inc.

SLM Software Inc., founded in 1985, is a software developer of ESP-Link™ Global Electronic Financial Services solutions to financial institutions, retailers and health claims organizations. In addition to software development, SLM also provides services in project management, facilities’ management and technology planning. SLM is a leader in open system electronic financial services solutions and has installations in over 25 countries around the world. The ESP-Link ™ product suite is used in transaction acquisition and processing including credit cards, debit cards, cheques, Automated Teller Machines (ATM),Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals, teller devices, telephone banking, home banking devices, wiretransfer, Internet banking and many others.

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