1. Please be informed that effective 1st October 2002, our new customer service contact will change to:
NasionCom Customer Service Centre number : 603- 2938 6688
Fax number: 603- 2282 8072
Email Address: [email protected]

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NasionCom ISDN Virtual Leased-Line
NasionCom Office Plus (ISDN)
NasionCom Personal (ISDN)
NasionCom ISDN MailForward

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Dedicated Leased-Line Connection
VPN Solution
WebPages HostingServer Co-location
WebPages Development
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From Webmaster :

Change of customer service contact number

Please be informed that effective 1st October 2002, the network operation center (NOC) are migrating from Kelana Jaya to Mid Valley. This is line with our commitment towards providing improved services to our customers by expanding our network infrastructure. As such, please take note of our new customer service contact details as given below:

New Contact Details for NasionCom Customer Service Centre:

Telephone No: 603-2938 6688
Fax No: 603-2282 8072
Email Address: [email protected]

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